Book Launch!

I am pleased to announce that my book is now available on Amazon; it is also available on my publisher’s website –

“Master Fibonacci: The Man Who Changed Math” is a history/biography of the man named Leonardo from Pisa, Italy, who wrote math books in the early thirteenth century which were very popular. He was beloved by his countrymen because he taught people how to use and calculate with the Arabic numerals, which was much easier to do than with the cumbersome Roman numerals. I fell in love with Leonardo (aka Fibonacci) because he was not only a genius, he was humble, too!

I hope you will read my book and learn more about him; perhaps you, too, will discover a new appreciation for the beauty of math in our world!

Since the website,, is in Beta, a lot of changes and improvements are coming. If you or anyone else visit the site and see any issues, please reach out and let me know.

Thank you! 🙂

My First Book


    • Thank you! That is very kind and nice to hear. I have been quite busy with so many things, and then I flew to San Francisco for the Writers Conference. I am staying in Oakland, petsitting for a couple weeks.

      I fell behind on my work, attending the conference, so I must buckle down and get busy again. 😊

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