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I have always had weak math skills; when I was a child trying to learn a new math or algebra concept I often “hit a brick wall” in my comprehension. Usually, though, after tears and hours of striving, I was able to “see the light” and- after much practice- was able to understand well enough to move forward to tackle the next concept.

Over thirty years went by that I did not have to use math very much; I raised my children and earned a Master’s degree without needing to remember how to perform math. Then in July I began researching Fibonacci, the thirteenth-century Italian mathematician who was a humble genius and I became enamored with him for his generosity and kindness as well as his scientific calculating abilities. He was a master in mathematics and he was a maestro at teaching others how to calculate with the “new” Arabic numerals.

I wrote a book on Fibonacci, whose real name was Leonardo de Pisa (or Pisano). It is titled “Master Fibonacci: The Man Who Changed Math” and will be available on Amazon in mid-January. If you love math, I believe you will love him, too.

Update: My book is now available on my publisher’s website:

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  1. If you are in Florida, you have to pass the GK Math for a teaching certificate. Many don’t or give up if they have to retake the $250 or more test. I hired a tutor, studied, etc. and finally passed. Let me tell you, it was a challenge especially when you are older returning for your certificate. Congrats on publishing the book on Amazon. That is something I have no idea of how to do.

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    • Thank you! I am excited about more people learning about Leonardo; I believe he was such a good man!

      I have created a Checklist for people who may have written a manuscript but do not know quite what to do to get it published. I have a friend who wrote a children’s book long ago and he recently gave me the opportunity to edit it. It is a terrific story and he created twenty-eight BEAUTIFUL illustrations to go with it! I think it could be a hit, but his life is very busy and he gets a little overwhelmed with what to do next, so I created the Checklist for him, hoping it will help him focus on getting everything done, step-by-step.
      I will post it today, if you’d like to get an idea of what you can do for yours. 😊

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