SF Writers Conference

I just received WONDERFUL news! 😍🔆😊

I recently wrote a short story titled “Hannah’s Birthday Gift.” It was my submission to a scholarship contest to win a ticket to the San Francisco Writers Conference 2019 coming up Feb. 14-17.

I just learned that I am the winner of the 2019 Blockchain and Crypto-Currency Scholarship to the San Francisco Writers Conference in February!!!

It means my registration is paid for – $795 – and several meals!!!

I am so thankful and unbelievably excited!

I will also be able to tell (and show) hundreds of other authors and editors and agents about my book that I just received from the publisher today, which will be released on Amazon in mid-January!!!

#SF #SanFrancisco #Writers #Conference #2019


    • I will take many notes while I am there and will then share them on all of my social media pages as well as here, for I will always be an educator at heart, wishing to help others learn!

      Thank you for taking time to visit my site, and also for responding!

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      • Sure. We have so many talented editors and copy writers in Tampa that the challenge would be immense but my specialty is poetry and I have been published about 7 times and won a Poet of the Month for an online literary contest.


      • How wonderful! I, too, write poems. I have posted them on Instagram and have not yet moved them to this site, for I only just created this site in June and have been learning how to add content to it and how to edit it a little at a time.

        I entered some poetry contests through Submittable a few times but never won; I am happy for you that you have done so.

        I’ll visit your site so that I can read some of your poetry, if it is there.

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      • I haven’t won contests but I have been published in seven magazines and listed as the poet of the month. I may have a couple of my poems online. Originally my blog was about our cupcakerie and then it became more about other things.

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