Since Valentine’s Day 2007 when I stepped out to take the kids to school and found a brand-new Redfire Mustang convertible grinning at me under the carport, I have loved the caress of the wind whipping my hair into stinging sweet kisses across my face. I love – even feel sometimes that I NEED – those Therapy Rides.

In Austin it’s going to get up to about 77/78 this afternoon; I can’t wait to feel my old friend Wind as I glide across these rolling hills, Texas Hill Country, headed nowhere but pleasure.

Maybe I’ll drive on over to Mustang Ridge, population less than a thousand, just for poetic irony. I love going places I’ve never been, just to say I have. Maybe nothing much is there, but that doesn’t matter; I know I’ll find peace on the way there and hope on the way back – the best therapy I could ever hope to have.

* That’s my first convertible in the photo, Redfire, chewed in an accident from which I believe I walked unharmed because of a guardian angel, but that’s another story.

** The only thing to be found in Mustang Ridge:

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