What to Expect

∗∗∗∗∗  “Great Freelancer, one of the best” – Dave S. on Upwork, June 2018

∗∗∗∗∗  “She is just the best” – Dave S. (2nd project) on Upwork, June 2018

Every piece of writing needs to be edited if it wants to create the most positive impression in the mind of the reader. An editor ensures that your writing has clarity, consistency, and cohesiveness. Editing creates fluency and fluidity of thought. Good editors eliminate every error in grammar, punctuation, and spelling, but great editors do that and so much more!

Manuscript Editing

No matter where you are in the process of writing your manuscript and no matter what your message is, I can make sure your writing is clear, concise, and correct, effectively ensuring you are better able to connect with your audiences.

I can provide you a fee when you provide the word count for your full manuscript. Documents typed in Microsoft Word will readily display the word count for you.

Copy Writing

While I have not had much experience writing copy for digital marketing campaigns (yet), I have edited some; and I have written literally thousands of other kinds of documents over the last few decades.

I have written editorials, newsletter articles, advertising copy for the bookstore that I had in Kaufman, formal and informal correspondence (both handwritten and digital), countless curriculum collateral, lesson plans, assessments, research papers, literature reviews, academic essays, and hundreds of creative writing pieces: poetry, short stories, and memoir.


Everything I work on, I do to the best of my ability. Being an INTJ, I strive for excellence in everything I do. My standard is simply perfection.

INTJ is one of the sixteen MBTI personalities, which you can read about here:

MBTI Personalities 

I am dependable and hate being late anywhere so I do everything in my power to meet all deadlines; I know your time is valuable to you, so I will meet YOUR deadlines, as well.